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FHA Mortgages

Easy to Qualify. Easy to Afford.

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) exists to help people just like you realize your dream of owning your own home. By insuring mortgages, the FHA allows lenders to work with borrowers even if they’ve had some credit problems, collections, past bankruptcy filings, or higher debt-to-income ratios. Get Started!

Our goal at MyFHA is to help you secure an FHA mortgage.

If you can qualify for homeownership, our FHA Mortgage Specialists will make it happen. Our specialists will:

We're ready to help you move into "A Home of Your Own' ™. Get Started!

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Will an FHA Mortgage Work For Me?
Yes, an FHA mortgage can work for you and help you become a homeowner. If there is a way for you to qualify for an FHA mortgage, our specialists will make it happen. Credit problems, collections, and even past bankruptcy do not have to stand in your way. Our Specialists look at your entire profile – without focusing on particular past mistakes. FHA Mortgages exist specifically to help everyone become a homeowner – whether or not you have perfect credit.

Can I Use an FHA Mortgage in My Hometown?
Yes you can! FHA Mortgages work in all 50 states in the U.S., in any town or city within those 50 states. Whether your dream is to live in a city, a suburb, or out in the country, our FHA Mortgage Specialists will help make that dream come true. Once you know that you qualify, you can choose whatever style home you prefer: a house with a yard, a condo with no maintenance, or even a manufactured home (as long as it is at least double-wide).

How Soon Can I Get My House?
Once you are pre-approved, you will be ready to start looking at houses in a matter of days. That means you may be ready to move into your new home within a month or even sooner, if you choose. How quickly you make a decision on your new home is up to you. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start looking for the home of your dreams. So take a minute and Get Started, NOW! There is no cost to you and no commitment. Our specialists are standing by to help you get into a home of your very own!

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