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The New FHA Secure Refinance Program

On August 31, 2007, President Bush proposed the FHA Secure Refinance Program. This program was designed to help homeowners into fixed rate mortgages through the FHA to reduce their monthly mortgage payments and to eliminate the chance that their mortgage payments will increase in the future.

In recent years, many borrowers have been put into adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s), deferred interest mortgages (called “Option ARM’s”), and subprime mortgages with the promise that initial mortgage payments would be low. Unfortunately, many of those mortgages are now adjusting into much higher monthly payments, making it difficult for homeowners to continue making payments.

If you are in one of these mortgages, then an FHA mortgage may be able to help you.

Get started to find out if you qualify to refinance your adjustable rate mortgage into a fixed mortgage with no out of pocket closing costs. MyFHA will work to match you up with someone and see if you may be able to refinance your home into a lower monthly payment and be assured that your monthly principle and interest payments will never increase. With the number of homeowners in these ARM’s, it is important for you to act quickly, so please,
Get started so that a specialist can help you, today.

FHA Secure Refinance

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